The Black Velvet Pants

Hey Everybody!

New year, new blog – or something of the sort. I have started a completely new style blog about current trends and how to wear them. So, welcome. If you are interested in finding out more info about me, just click on the about me tab and if you want to know more, all you’ve got to do is ask ūüôā

So, let’s get to it! Velvet everything is a major trend and I know many of you, including myself, aren’t sure how to style velvet anything for everyday life. I took the classic black velvet pants and showed you three different ways of how I would style them.

The first look is an everyday look that you could wear to school or any other everyday errand. As you can see, it’s pretty cold here and there’s snow on the ground, so I just added a leather jacket, which is lined with shearling in the inside. I then added a pink-mauve turtleneck underneath and some Superstars for a super casual look. If it’s a lot warmer where you live, which it probably is, you can swap my jacket for a regular leather jacket and a t-shirt.

Jacket: EDITED (not the same one, but similar) Turtleneck: H&M Pants: Small Boutique Sneakers: Adidas




Jacket: EDITED (not the same one, but similar) Turtleneck: H&M Pants: Small Boutique Sneakers: Adidas


Coat: Zara Top: H&M Pants: Smal Boutique Shoes: Aldo Purse: & Other Stories



My last look is a little more out there. If you’d like to wear your velvet pants to a party, here’s some inspiration. I’ve paired my velvet pants with an ombre faux-fur coat, a lilac shiny tank top and some silver sparkly ankle boots, to tie the theme together._dsc0484_dsc0492

Coat: Asos Top: H&M Pants: Small Boutique Ankle Boots: Zara


Velvet anything isn’t super flattering, I’ll admit. However, I think it is a pretty look and fashion forward. I’ve linked where everything is from, in case you guys want some pieces too. Let me know which look was your favorite and what you want to see next.


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