The 48h in Amsterdam

Hey Everybody!

Last weekend I was in Amsterdam and it rained a lot! So, sorry for my rain jacket, which is in every picture. So, no cute outfit posts this time, but very cute pictures of the city of Amsterdam instead.

First is first, we did some bicycling. It was so nice, because there were cherry blossoms everywhere and these amazing house boats that you could look into (but not supposed to) along the canal. Now, the pictures may say otherwise, but it was raining basically the entire time and only ever stopped for a bit.

Then we took a walk through the entire city, which was amazing, because of all the little side streets that had a whole other feel and vibe to them. Not only did we find the most interesting side streets, but also the slimmest house in Amsterdam. This weird pose of mine was trying to show you how small this house actually was, but I just ended up like I’m trying to unlock some secret door.

When we went out for dinner, it of course was pouring again, so I could not show you my super cute outfit, but you can somewhat see my top in this picture. It was a satin off-the-shoulder grey top with bell sleeves and I love it. As you know, where there is rain there is also a rainbow, so we captured it on our boat ride. Isn’t is beautiful?

The next morning it was my birthday, which you will already have figured out if you watched my snaps 😉 We had pancakes at The Breakfast Club and OH MY GOD were they delicious and so was my coffee. After being extremely full, we headed to a tulip graden, which was huge and so pretty. However, after that it was time to go home.



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