The 48h in Amsterdam

Hey Everybody! Last weekend I was in Amsterdam and it rained a lot! So, sorry for my rain jacket, which is in every picture. So, no cute outfit posts this time, but very cute pictures of the city of Amsterdam instead. First is first, we did some bicycling. It was so nice, because there were … Continue reading The 48h in Amsterdam


The Swimsuit Style

Hey Everybody! Summer is just around the corner and that means that it's Swimsuit time. I came up with 5 swimsuits trends that I am loving and personally be wearing this Summer. Let me know what your favorite style is and which one you will be rocking this summer! The one piece side design I … Continue reading The Swimsuit Style

The Cape Town Style

In the very hot, windy and large city of Cape Town there aren't many options for clothes, especially if you were exploring all day like I was. The beautiful district¬†of Bo-Kaap, there ¬†amazing colorful houses which, immediately made me get into a good mood. As you can see in the second to last picture, we … Continue reading The Cape Town Style

The Spring Look

Hey Everybody! It's May now, but our weather is still a little confused and so are my outfits. I have put together another 'outfit of the day' for an everyday look. I find it perfect for spring days when the weather changes throughout the day. Let me know if you want more OOTD or Cookbooks … Continue reading The Spring Look